Popping Workshop – Back to the Roots

Ne intoarcem din vacanta cu focus pe dezvoltare. Lansam programele de toamna si primul din serie este un workshop de dezvoltare in popping.

Este un workshop in care se va trece prin “ingredientele necesare si vitale” in studiul si dansul popping-ului.



  • 2 sedinte vocabular de popping: animation styles si boogaloo/popping styles
  • 2 sedinte popping dance vibes si tipuri, cum sa le dansezi, cum sa descoperi vocabularul si tehnicile potrivite pentru fiecare tip de dans
  • 1 sedinta: magia si importanta pop-ului – tipuri, alegeri, timing, roluri etc.
  • 1 sedinta: dansul popping nu mecanica dansului popping
  • 1 sedinta: “how to get down and throw down”
  • 1 sedinta: ground moves. shoot downs – tehnici avansate (timing, efecte, schimbarea energiei in acelasi tip de miscare, dansul dintre beat-uri, cum duci la capat fiecare element)


English version:

This great workshop is spread through 4 days and it has 8 sessions, all on different aspects.

We will go through the necessary, vital and essential ingredients in dancing the popping

This workshop helps you take a step into the real popping dance.

It is good for all the levels and hard for every level.


  • 2 sessions: popping vocabulary of both animation styles and boogaloo/popping styles
  • 2 sessions: popping dance vibes and types, how to dance them, how to discover vocabulary and techniques suitable for each type and vibe
  • 1 session: the magic and importance of the pop: types, choices, timing, role etc
  • 1 session: popping the dance not just doing popping mechanics
  • 1 session: how to get down and how to throw down
  • 1 session: ground moves, shoot downs, touch the ground and advanced feels and techniques (timing, effects, changing energy within the same type or even change the type, the dance between the beats, the endings of elements and some other stuff)



  • 26 – 27 septembrie si
  • 3 – 4 octombrie
  • interval orar: TBA


  • 200 RON (8 sedinte)




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