Mircea ECXARCU – coregraf, dansator, trainer


Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher




“Mircea is one of the youngest choreographers and dance teachers in Romania.

He grew up with  a passion for music and a talent for rhythm. His quick learning of streetdance styles and also his creativity quickly took him to the next step in dancing, from apprentice to choreographer and teacher, making him one of the most solicitated young teacher at that time.

Mircea is very passionate about his dancing and he also sticks to his beliefs. His training on streetdace styles such as hip-hop, popping, locking and so on, was long and hard but Mircea is a perfectionist. He still trains, just like in the first day because as he sais: “you can never have enough training”.

He first started teaching classes when he was 17, becoming together with Sol Sinceac, a founding member of Streetbeat Dance School in Bucharest.

Nokia Press Play Contest from 2008 in which he was one of the judges, sponsored and opened a new path for Mircea. Although he had been teaching since the age of 17, Nokia Press Play sent him to Czech Republic to Street Dance Kemp, an international collision of hip hop dance styles, worldwide known choreographers on hip hop, popping, locking, house, waaking, dancehall. In Czech Republic Mircea took classes with top choreographers of the world and also world champions in streetdance. Some of the lectors were: Brian Green, Henry Link, Marjory and Sekou  from USA, Kite and Yoshie from Japan, Salah, P-lock and Joseph Go from France, Eszteca Noya from Holland and many more.

It is there where Mircea realized that the dance level in Romania was extremely low and needs to be brought to the same level as the western European countries, US or Japan. Romania did some choreographies that were called “streetdance” but none of them nor the dance had anything to do with the real hip hop moves.  

Mircea was 19 when he started to train  and teach the specific styles of the hip hop culture, as they were created and danced in the world and as he learned them from their own founders/inventors. Mircea was one of the first choreographers to actually teach hip hop, popping or locking in Romania.

In 2009, Mircea was one of the founding members of Streetbeat for 3 years, the most well known streetdance dance school in Bucharest and the only one that actually taught the authentic hip hop styles. In the summer of 2009 Streetbeat decided to merge with Hardbeat and give birth to Onebeat, the studio that would later on become the largest streetdance dance studio in the country. Mircea was there to meet the merge as one of the choreorgraphers. But his vision was forever changed by the dance he felt like doing and expressing. Being more attracted by the dance, and pure expression of it, Mircea decided to separate paths with Onebeat dance studio (a common decision) and focus on his personal training. Classes stoped being his focus and so were the projects. He wanted to dance and express the music at its highest level.

SimplyThat Dance School was founded in 2010, as the danceschool where dance and performance were first, projects were last.

After 2 years of intense training (6 hours per day) Mircea competed in the most prestigious streetdance competition of the world – Juste Debout – becoming a finalist in the regional contest in Italy in the popping section. This is  a performance that no other Romanian choreographer was able to obtain so far: to qualify and later on to reach the finals of such a big contest.

The passion for salsa? That started with the dance and the beauty and happiness of this style. He trained alone, never took any classes, yet he dances like a pro. Salsa, bachata and zouk, fire, passion and feeling all combined.

His professional curriculum also includes three national workshop tours in which he taught classes in some of the biggest cities in Romania, he was an invited lector every year in the National Streetdance Camp Romania. He was a choreographer for some of the Romania’s well known artists and he also appeared in tv commercials and shows. Yet, he does not like to speak about his “accomplishments” as the only true accomplishment he feels that he has is the ability to dance every time on every song.

You really should see him in class!


Mircea este unul dintre cei mai tineri coregrafi din Romania.

A crescut cu pasiune pentru muzica si talent pentru ritm. Invatarea rapida a stilurilor din zona streetdance dar si creativitatea, l-au propulsat rapid de la statutul de “ucenic” la cel de coregraf si instructor, transformandu-l intr-unul din cei mai solicitati si apreciati tineri coregrafi din acel moment.

Mircea pune foarte multa pasiune in dansul pe care il face si ramane dedicat principiilor si credintelor sale. Drumul parcurs antrenandu-se in stiluri ca hip-hop, popping, locking sau altele a fost lung si uneori poate, anevoios, dar Mircea este un perfectionist. Si acum se antreneaza la fel ca in prima zi deoarece, asa cum singur declara “niciodata nu poti spune ca te-ai antrenat suficient”.

Ce il face pe Mircea sa fie diferit de orice alti coregrafi, lasand la o parte competenta in stilurile pe care le preda, este faptul ca danseaza pentru starea pe care dansul i-o da. Dansul este pentru el o forma de exprimare pura a propriei persoane. Este mereu plin de energie si foarte pozitiv, lucru care se simte din prima la cursurile sale. In timpul unui curs reuseste sa transmita 100% din energia sa studentilor.

E greu sa il descrii pe Mircea (lui nu-i place sa se laude :P). E foarte bun, e mereu vesel si relaxat (logic, doar danseaza toata ziua), este autodidact si foarte pasionat de ceea ce face. Tocmai de aceea evolutiile sale sunt spectaculoase. A participat la foarte multe concursuri nationale de streetdance, iar anul acesta se afla la cea de-a 5a participare la Street Dance Kemp din Cehia, prima tabara de renume international in sfera streetdance. E cursant acolo, respectand principiul autodezvoltarii. Se va intoarce de acolo cu o experienta noua, gata sa ne-o transmita noua. El este omul cu viziunea, cursurile lui sunt mereu o sesiune de refresh. Nu exista nu pot, nu exista limite.

Portofoliul profesional include trei workshop-tururi nationale in cele mai mari orase ale tarii, foarte multe cursuri predate la scolile de dans la care este partener, numeroase grupe de studenti iesite din mainile lui si coregrafi care s-au perfectionat sub indrumarea sa. A fost invitat anual (2008 – 2010) ca lector in National Streetdance Camp Romania, a aparut in reclame, emisiuni TV sau concerte si a fost coregraf pentru cativa din artistii romani.

De fiecare data cand are ocazia, isi continua propria perfectionare in domeniu, calatorind peste granita pentru a invata de la coregrafi de renume mondiali. In fiecare an, incepand cu 2008, Mircea merge in Cehia la International Street Dance Kemp unde ia cursuri de la coregrafi de top ai lumii sau fondatori ai stilurilor pe care le preda si el. Intre acestia se regasesc: Popping: Kite (Japonia), Storm (Germania), Popping Pete (USA); Locking: Sorry (Japonia), P-Lock (Franta), Yoshie(Japonia); Waacking: Yoshie (Japonia), Archie (USA); Hip Hop: Henry Link (USA – coregraf Michael Jackson, Mariah Carrey si Will Smith), Akihiko (Japonia), Brian Green (USA), Nikki (Suedia), Joseph Go (Franta), UK (Germania); Dancehall: Nikki (Suedia); House: Hiro (Japonia), Tatstuo (Japonia), Brooklyn Terry (USA) si multi altii. De asemenea, Mircea concureaza in competitii de dans bazate pe improvizatie, atat in Romania dar si in afara tarii.

Sunt multe lucruri pe care le poti spune despre Mircea dar cel mai bine lasam dansul sa vorbeasca in locul sau. E cel mai bun lucru pe care il poti face cand ai in fata un dansator atat de pasionat si de incredibil.

Ne vedem la cursuri si evenimente!